After School Programs

**Please note: In an effort to save paper and run more efficiently, all NAF sponsored after school programs will be announced via email and registration will be done solely online. Spots will be reserved at time of online registration on a first come, first sign-up basis.**

Progams We Fund

The Newcomb Academy Foundation is a volunteer-based foundation, founded by Newcomb parents, with the mission of raising funds to pay for expanded enrichment programs for all students at Newcomb Academy – programs no longer paid for by LBUSD.  Since 2003, NAF has raised $1.5 million to improve the quality of education at Newcomb Academy.

NAF works closely with the PTSA to address Newcomb’s highest priority needs, and both of our organizations need your support to fund different programs at our school. Thanks to the generous support of parents like you and a successful 2015-2016  fundraising year, NAF has budgeted $130,000, or approximately $150 for each student, to fund the following salaries, programs and supplies this year.

Elementary School

Middle School

MIND Program (aka JiJi Math or ST Math) – implemented in   Computer Lab & Music Keyboarding

Variety of Elective Support: Art, Marine Biology, Yearbook, Chorus, Photography & Home Economics (no longer offered at other middle schools)

Computer Lab Teachers, Equipment & Supplies

Computer Lab Equipment & Supplies

Additional Music Instruction – NAF pays to have a music   teacher onsite an extra day each week.

Expanded Elective Offering: Students will receive two   electives for each semester vs. just one at other middle schools

Music Keyboarding Teacher & Supplies

Scholarship Program

Science Lab Teacher & Supplies

Hands-on Science experiments and materials

Kindle eReader Program

Middle School Sports

Teacher Development

Middle School Clubs

Onsite Tech Support

Kindle eReader Program

After School Foreign Language Programs & more!

Teacher Development, Onsite Tech Support, and more!


The Foundation needs to raise approximately $150 for each student at Newcomb to fund these programs. Becoming a Circle of Friends member is a great way for you to invest in your child’s education.  Please consider a gift of $150, or more if possible, to help ensure we can continue these programs for 2016-2017 and beyond.

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